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It is a curious fact, that although Shamballa bracelets do not have a clear gender identity, historically they are known to be masculine jewels. Tibetan monks have always used the macramé bead bracelets in their prayers and meditations. Today this design of bracelets is one of the most easily recognizable styles. These jewels have become a much sought-after accessory, favored by current stylists and celebrities alike. We happen to like them as well.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we love these jewels:

1. Original design

We like the simple yet effective look of Shamballa style bracelets. Our design is a mix of macramé braiding and round beads, crafted mostly from precious or semiprecious stones. Earthly natural stone beads are set against a bold, durable waxed cord. This contrast creates a truly interesting look with appeal.

2. Handcrafted with meaning

We admire things with history and meaning.

Although the jewels are not necessarily symbolic, people inspired by eastern symbolism can see the philosophy behind the handwork. Named after the mythical Himalayan Kingdom, the Shamballa bracelets are believed to carry forward its main message: you can find peace and wisdom within you if you stay connected with your inner self. The knots and beads become a reminder with deep personal meanings.

3. Wealth of choice

We like when we have options to choose from.

Historically, monks were known to braid their prayer beads from a common hemp cord and sandal wood beads. Today the Tibetan style jewels boast a wide range of inserts combined with the macramé-braiding technique. It can be beads from natural stones and diamonds, crystal, glass and metal. The rare, precious stones do not lose their appeal and look stylish when interlaced with a simple nylon cord. These handsomely crafted pieces can often be seen on many celebrities (Jay Z, Valentino, and Karl Lagerfeld are known wearers).

4. Color does matter

It is interesting that the color of Shamballa bracelet is said to have a special effect on the well-being of its wearer. For example, a red Shamballa bracelet is said to help its wearer achieve goals and remain vibrant. The blue Shamballa bracelet is said to be beneficial for creative expression and communication. Our black bracelet is known to be associated with strength and authority.

5. Comfort and durability

We find value in simplicity. Thanks to our special macrame braided design, all of our bracelets have a sliding knot-tie made of strong waxed material for a secure and comfortable fit, ensuring compatibility with most wrist sizes.

We love the Shamballa bracelets for their unique design, combining a simple yet sleek look with comfort and durability added. Inspired by spiritual Tibetan jewelry, these stylish pieces are not only a versatile accessory but can bring a deep and personal meaning to its wearer.



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