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Semi-precious stones have always been a popular jewelry choice.  They are beautiful, durable and timeless.  Bold and eye-catching Jasper, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, and Tiger Eye can give you the same luxurious feeling as jewels with precious stones.With a variety of textures and colors, semi-precious stones  create unique combinations, setting apart your everyday look. In our design beaded bracelets we use only top-quality stones. It means that they have the sharpest look and their colors will not fade or change over time. All bracelets in our hand-picked selection are beautiful and stylish.  


1. Jasper Natural Fine Bracelet with Zircon 

We love this comfortable double wrap bracelet for the play of colors. The combination of various hues of brown, grey, pink and even peach creates an adventurous look.  Golden plated inserts with zircon inclusions accentuate the small natural Jasper beads, showing off all their beauty. Featuring  the unique Jasper patterns, this classic yet fashionable bracelet can become a real treasure in your personal collection. 



2. Natural Stone Square Beads Bracelet

This is a simple yet stylish bracelet with mojo. The hand-cut square Hematite beads of different sizes make its design original. A seemingly down-to-earth stone as Hematite looks very appealing when put into unusual form. We like this bracelet for its historical background. Hematite was said  to be a warrior's’ stone in ancient times.  Men participating in the battle were known to wear the little Hematite figures or Hematite bead bracelets as a protective amulet. Native Americans believed that Hematite paint could make them invincible.



3. Matte Black Natural Stone Red Jasper Beads Bracelet

This distinctive bracelet is all about the contrasts. Dynamic red Variscite with stunning spider webbing stands against the smooth, deep black Shungite. This bold combination makes the bracelet a real attention-getter. Stainless steel insert with intricate designs highlights the unique character of this bright item. By the way, the Variscite stone is one of the rare collector’s gemstones, and top-grade Shungite is mined only in one area of the world.



4. Jasper Natural Beads Teroona double wrap Bracelet

This elegant bracelet comes in a trendy and stylish grey color for a sophisticated look. Various shades of grey have never been so appealing. Each Jasper bead has its own inimitable pattern creating an exclusive look. With a sterling silver Teroona logo insert, this design adds a classy touch any time you wear it.



5. Natural Stone Beads Bracelet

This beaded bracelet has a vintage flair and features an interesting combination of stones. The intense blue Lapis Lazuli with beautiful golden flecks contrasts nicely with  black irregular Lava Rock that gives  this piece a truly dramatic look.





Expressive beauty of natural stones gives each bracelet a unique personality. Comfortable and durable, our stylish natural stone bracelets are a great choice when it comes to accentuating your everyday look. With proper care, then it will stay beautiful for years. You should keep your bracelet separately in a special box to avoid scratching. After you have take it off, be sure to wipe it with a cloth.  Never put the bracelet on before perfumes, hair sprays, or other cosmetics, as they contain substances that might affect the look of the stones.

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