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June is here, which means we can finally say goodbye to the dreadful winter weather as we welcome long summer days and warm vibrant nights.

With that being said, it is high time to update your accessory collection. Below you’ll find our pick of the best trendy bracelets from our new summer arrivals. Check our top bracelet picks to get inspired and spice up your summer looks!


Be Unconventional

This comfortable double-wrap bracelet is handcrafted from rare semi precious stone in deep brown color with bronze accents. This stylish piece looks fresh and unconventional in comparison with other colored natural stone bracelets. Whatever style you choose, this accessory is sure to give you an eye-catching, bold look.   




Classy touch

This bracelet is a filigree designed silver bead intercepted among very small (4mm ) round, natural stone beads. The Tiger Eye shows off cool shades of brown with rich black Agate to create a standout look and adds a classy touch  to you everyday summer outfit. With its simplicity, this bracelet is a perfect everyday accessory,suitable both for formal and casual setting.               



Utilitarian Grey

Grey never really goes out of fashion. It’s versatile and easy to wear.   Artisan crafted from natural stones, this bracelet can be worn with nearly any wardrobe.  Whether you wear it solo, or in pair with your favourite watch or with beaded bracelet from our collection,it will be sure to accentuate your summer looks.


Anchor Up!

If you want to go nautical this summer, then this anchor beaded bracelet is for you.  Simple yet sleek, it will definitely make a bold statement, whether you chose it to accessorize your formal attire or a beach party outfit. Get creative and mix and match this cool bracelet with other bracelets in our collection. You can also add this piece this just below your watch.



Timeless Classic

 We love the simple style of this natural leather  bracelet. A classic accessory, the original double braiding (18mm. wide) with a thick stainless steel clasp creates an eye-catching look.  No doubt, this comfortable and stylish bracelet is a perfect choice for summer looks of any occasion. It will easily become one of the favorites




Black and Gold

Another classic leather braided bracelet in our selection. This artisan crafted piece is adorned with a signature magnetic clasp and finished with golden and black paint. All of our stainless steel details in our bracelets have a special vacuum coating that prevents damage to the color from use over time.



Marine Style

Nothing makes a better fashion statement this summer than a marine style accessory. This distinctive handcrafted bracelet will add a nautical edge to your look with its stainless steel anchor secured to a 20mm strap with a leather cord. With the magnetic closure, the bracelet  is secured and comfortable to wear.




For Daily Wear  

Eye-catching and stylish, this double braided leather bracelet with metallic inserts will surely spice up your summer wardrobe. Complementing any style, it will be one of your favorite accessories throughout the year. Wear it separately or together with your watches, or even pair it with one of our other leather bracelets. The sleek and secure magnetic clasp makes this bracelet a functional everyday accessory.



Braided Leather  Bracelet with Stainless Steel Inserts

The best thing about classic black braided bracelet  is that they look great with almost any outfit. Like all our leather bracelets, this stunning piece is artisan crafted from high quality genuine leather and top grade stainless steel, making it not only very soft and comfortable to wear but also very durable.




Effective Simplicity

You can often hear “less is more” and that’s the case with our  natural leather bracelet. With its simple design, it speaks value and style. The bracelet goes with any of your attires, adding a minimalist, yet bold touch.



Black Braided Leather  Bracelet

If you are wondering what to choose as a daily wear, go with this natural leather bracelet. Let’s be honest—there is nothing more comfortable and practical to wear every day than a traditional leather bracelet.  Featuring massive braiding and a sleek stainless steel clasp, it has an original, contemporary look. A strong and bold accessory, this handcrafted piece will accent any of your summer outfits.




2 in 1   

Whether you want to complement your street wear or  slightly accentuate for a formal setting, this natural leather pack bracelet is a perfect choice to complement any of your styles. We love it for its functionality. With its simple design,  the bracelet  works well with any watches or our other  leather bracelet. It has a magnetic clasp for secure fit.  Perfect as a gift.



 Rustic stone

With its clean design and black color, this double wrap natural stone bracelet is a versatile addition to your outfits. The rustic appearance of Lava Stone beads adds originality and a vintage flair to your  look.




Summer is a great season to experiment with your looks and styles. We hope something above will fit your needs.

Feel free to update your accessory collection with our new bracelets!








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